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Bagasse Carrier Chain
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Bagasse Carrier Chain

Sagar Engineers offer Bagasse Carrier chains with the large variety of specification, standard and attachments on customer demand.Chain manufactured by us are always appreciated by our client due to accurate in dimensions and its long life working.The material used for built-up chain components is tested for chemical and physical properties.We assembled the chain as per customer requirement and as per customer demand and drawing.The chain manufactured by us is always pass through the manual quality testing process.

Baggage Carrier Chains manufactured by us gives long life and and consistent routine. Our chains are maintenance free and affected as per customers necessity. Material used for built-up chain components is tested for chemical and physical properties. Side links are of carbon steel and heat-treated. Pins and bush are manufactured from case carbonizing steel and case hardened to depth up to 1mm. We assemble these chains as per customers requirement and also as per customers drawing. These chains are used for feeding to boilers, in process industries and conveyors for special applications and material handling and also in return baggage carriers.

Our Bagasse carrier chains are used for conveying weighty loads of bagasse over extensive distances. Our broad range of chains has high tensile strength.

Some of the features are :

- Best solutions for boiler feedings, storage and further processing.

- Case hardened bushings are wear resistant and tough, ensuring even bearing for roller and pin.

- Case hardened steel pins are highly durable and provide greater resistance to wear.

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